What is GreenTire’s Process?

Each GreenTire plant will use proven, commercially available, tire shredding and processing equipment and systems to:

1. Separate, remove and bundle the tires’ scrap steel for sale.

2. Reduce the tire rubber to 1/4” pellets.

3. Thermochemically decompose (not burn) the rubber pellets, and then convert them into syngas (unlike most gasification processes, the state-of-the-art equipment we use is able to handle high-BTU-value rubber to produce a gas as clean as natural gas).

4. Ignite the syngas to fuel a boiler making steam to power a steam turbine that generates renewable, “green”, and clean electricity for sale to a public utility.

5. “Scrub” the emissions using a proprietary, multi-pollutant reduction system that  removes 95% of SOx, NOx and particulates from the flue gases, and reduces mercury emissions and CO2 greenhouse gases by 85% or more (GreenTires air emissions will be well below the EPA’s, California’s and New Jersey’s – the states with the most stringent standards).