Air Emissions from a Gasification System

What are the Air Emissions from a Gasification System?
Air emissions from a gasification plant generally satisfy applicable U.S. regulatory limits. This is because state-of-the-art gasification processes now are nearly closed-loop systems, routinely use very little air or oxygen, and achieve sulfur removal efficiencies of up to 95% while generating from one-sixth to less than one-eighth the amount of solid waste generated by alternative processes. Gasification also generates far fewer emissions of SOx, NOx, CO and particulates than those achieved by the commonly used alternative processes. With the addition of WOW Energy, Inc.’s proprietary, multi-pollutant reduction system emissions from GreenTire’s process of SOx, NOx and particulates from the flue gases will be reduced by 95%, and its mercury emissions and CO2 greenhouse gases by 85% or more – below all applicable U.S. regulatory emissions limits, including California’s stringent limits. The end product of the gasification process is synthesis gas, also known as Syngas, a gas with properties akin to, and burning as cleanly as, natural gas.