What Technologies Will GreenTire Use?

GreenTire will contract with the following companies for state-of-the-art technologies:

Primenergy, LLC, http://www.primenergy.com based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is an established company having proven, proprietary, state-of-the-art gasification technology. What separates them from other companies is their ability to handle the high temperatures required to thermally decompose a feedstock consisting predominately of tire rubber, and their refractory–lined equipment which, unlike metal equipment, is not vulnerable to the corrosive effects of the zinc oxide produced from gasification of rubber.

WOW Energy, Inc., http://www.wowenergies.com/home.html based in Sugar Land, Texas, owns a proprietary, multi-pollutant reduction system that will reduce GreenTire’s emissions of SOx, NOx and particulates from the flue gases by 95%, and mercury emissions and CO2 greenhouse gases by 85% or more.

CM Tire Recycling., based in Sarasota, Florida, manufactures a range of proven tire shredders suitable for GreenTire’s purposes. Videos of the shredding equipment in action can be seen at http://www.cmshredders.com/Literature.aspx.